Increasing Net Profit for Pet Supplies Brand


  1. Background of the Company: We’re spotlighting a brand in the pet supplies niche today, known for their premium dog supplements and vitamins, aimed at promoting overall health and lifespan.

In the pet industry, with an impressive annual growth of about 6.1%, the competition is notably intense. However, this profitable and constantly evolving market offers great potential for those in the industry.

  1. The Problem: Although the brand was succeeding in terms of operational aspects, its advertising campaigns began to lose efficacy over time. It became crucial to recognize and address these issues to drive traffic, sales, and profits to unprecedented levels.
  2. Our Approach: After a meticulous analysis of prior campaigns, we noticed that a significant restraint was a low budget cap. This strategy intended to enhance profitability by controlling expenditure, but it hindered campaigns from functioning at their peak throughout the day.

To tackle this, we resolved to double the budget cap, allowing the campaigns more flexibility and opportunity to reach their utmost effectiveness. The graph clearly illustrates the positive effect of increasing the budget cap, with both spending and sales demonstrating a notable growth.


Also, the profit has hit a new high for this account.


  1. Inference: Over a long-term, budget limitations can potentially result in diminishing sales and profits. If your campaigns are yielding profits, it might be more advantageous to operate without a rigid budget. Although a budget cap can protect against excessive expenditure, it can also limit the potential and success of profitable campaigns.
  2. Results: Adjustments to the budget cap were successful in propelling the Net Profit to an all-time high of $34,386.
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