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We are one of Amazon's TOP-50 Advertising Partners

As one of Amazon’s Top-50 Advertising Partners, we have years of experience managing Amazon ads. We have special access to beta programs and training on new ad strategies, product launches, big retail events, and account management. This helps our clients get ahead of their competition and achieve unmatched success.

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Consider Amazon Advertisng an investment, not an expenditure


We leverage Amazon’s unparalleled audience targeting features to optimize our clients’ e-commerce potential. Our sophisticated campaign structure excels in areas such as keyword isolation, budget diversification, and bid management, providing us with total control over Amazon Ads. This strategy results in augmented sales, enhanced rankings, and expansive brand visibility.

Our plan to boost your sales

Tailored Solutions for specific Needs; we offer customized roadmaps and team lineups



We start by fully assessing our clients’ current performance on Amazon. This gives us insights into what works and what needs improvement. We look into key ad metrics, keyword rankings, ad structures, market trends, and competition.


Custom Strategies

Recognizing that every brand is unique, we create a tailored approach to meet specific business needs. Our personalized plan includes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ad campaigns, aimed at the right audience.


Effective Management

After implementing the ad strategy, our team monitors and fine-tunes ad campaigns, continually testing and exploring various hypotheses. We aim to help clients achieve not only immediate profits but also long-term goals and improved organic results.


24/7 Support

Our dedicated project manager ensures smooth team coordination and goal alignment. With round-the-clock support and effective communication, we deliver successful results quickly. Rest assured, all your questions will be addressed promptly.


Continuous Analysis

Our analysts regularly evaluate your ad performance and make real-time adjustments to your plan. We also provide in-depth market and competitor analysis, along with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, forecasts, and insights.


Focus on Growth

 We’re all about helping our clients grow. Through data analysis, we find untapped potential and pursue new opportunities for brand development. Whether it involves exploring new ad channels, fostering creative collaborations, or strategizing positioning.

Unleash the Power of Our Amazon PPC Services

Success beyond Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC’s forte lies in its relevancy. The capabilities of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display ad campaigns enable us to identify the most impactful keywords that drive sales. They also help in uncovering market trends and competitors. This wealth of data, from Cost Per Click (CPC) to Conversion Rate (CVR), equips us with the insights needed to devise more precise advertising campaigns on other platforms.

Synchronizing Ad Platforms for Achieving Brand Goals

We use a cross-channel approach, crafting a complete marketing plan to engage customers across multiple channels. Through careful analysis, data collection, trend spotting, testing, result tracking, and flexible implementation, we guide our clients towards their goals.

Client’s testimonials

We tailor the stategy and assemble the team for each client t best meet their unique requirements

AVP, VirVentures Inc
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"They understood their domain and were very transparent and communicative."
Owner, Hardware Supply Company<
Read More
We’re really satisfied with the results.
Director, Health Supplement Brand
Read More
We work closely together, and they take feedback very well
Owner, Bossman Brands
Read More
Profit Whales has fulfilled their commitments and overachieved on our targets.
Head of Marketplaces, TJC
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"Profit Whales has fulfilled their commitments and overachieved on our targets."
CEO, Multiskills LLC
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“They really stay on top of everything, and they deliver results.”
Head of Marketing Department, Dog Products Company
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"The team fully copes with its work."
Director, Dietary Supplements Brand
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"They are fun to work with and they are my trustworthy PPC partners."
CEO, Physical Therapy Equipment Business
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"We're impressed with how they've been managing the project and their professionalism."
Communications Manager, DIVELUX
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We liked their detailed approach to our business; they took into consideration our peculiarities.
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"Everything was great."
CEO, Sporting Goods Company
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"Profit Whales uses their own AI software to grow your business."

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