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Who are we?

At Five Perks, we’re a marketing agency dedicated to helping e-commerce brands grow both on and off Amazon. We do this by using various approaches across different channels to help these brands scale their operations.

We helped 100+ brands prosper new heights

We care for your profits as you do

We provide Data-Driven business solutions with our In-House software

We are more than an Amazon marketing agency. Our team of specialists has technical expertise and partners with your firm to help you gain huge profits. Since 2018, we have vigorously invested in our in-house software to become the most data-driven solution for eCommerce brands and perform the best full-service Amazon management.

Our services

We support brands across a multitude

of marketing services

We use Amazon’s unique audience targeting capabilities to connect with the right people. This strategic approach helps maximize returns and increases sales, taking e-commerce businesses to new heights.


Amazon’s DSP advertising platform is powerful and versatile. We use it to increase brand visibility and reconnect with customers in a meaningful way, beyond just the marketplace.


We don’t just hope users find our clients’ listings. We use Google Ads to draw targeted traffic, leading to better conversions and significant returns. As an Amazon specialist, we know how important external traffic is for improving product rankings.


Our brand audit helps Amazon FBA brands navigate challenges and correct their course. We also offer strategic solutions for brands that are already on a successful path.


Unleash our potential by taking the exciting first step with us!

Your cross-channel strategy awaits you

Results of Amazon growth management

What sets our Amazon advertising agency apart from the rest?

We deliver significant growth for the brands through our holistic approach

Optimizing Communication Channels

Our main goal is to boost sales by reaching customers at the right time, while also encouraging their loyalty. We use Amazon Ads and DSP data to create custom campaigns across different platforms, resulting in excellent results.

Driving Brand Growth

We aim to grow brands for the long term, not just increase immediate sales. We focus on boosting organic sales, improving customer value, increasing average purchase amount, and encouraging repeat purchases.

Achieving Maximum ROI

We use thorough A/B testing to help brands make the most of their marketing budgets, increase conversion rates, and improve customer interactions. We test different content, landing pages, ad campaigns, and marketing channels to ensure efficiency.

Personalized Ads Roadmap

We tailor our marketing strategies to each client’s needs. This allows us to share the right content, on the right channels, at the right time, to achieve the brand’s goals.

Distinctive Amazon Ads Campaign Structure

At FivePerks, we customize our strategies to fit our clients’ goals. This method makes it easier to set objectives and parameters for each ad, giving us more control over each advertising segment.

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

We believe in making data-driven decisions. We gather valuable data to refine products, marketing plans, inventory management, and more. Our expertise and tools give our clients a competitive edge.

We value people and their brands.

We’re eager to learn more about your brand and find ways to improve it.

Client’s testimonials

Trust is the main currency in 2022

AVP, VirVentures Inc
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"They understood their domain and were very transparent and communicative."
Owner, Hardware Supply Company<
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We’re really satisfied with the results.
Director, Health Supplement Brand
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We work closely together, and they take feedback very well
Owner, Bossman Brands
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Profit Whales has fulfilled their commitments and overachieved on our targets.
Head of Marketplaces, TJC
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"Profit Whales has fulfilled their commitments and overachieved on our targets."
CEO, Multiskills LLC
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“They really stay on top of everything, and they deliver results.”
Head of Marketing Department, Dog Products Company
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"The team fully copes with its work."
Director, Dietary Supplements Brand
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"They are fun to work with and they are my trustworthy PPC partners."
CEO, Physical Therapy Equipment Business
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"We're impressed with how they've been managing the project and their professionalism."
Communications Manager, DIVELUX
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We liked their detailed approach to our business; they took into consideration our peculiarities.
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"Everything was great."
CEO, Sporting Goods Company
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"Profit Whales uses their own AI software to grow your business."

Case studies

Our team of experts helps diversify and scale Amazon businesses, making them more profitable

Getting Dr. Krause Brand $119k in Total Sales

Company Background Krause brand offers an ideal solution for individuals struggling with discomfort and pain during walking. Their products effectively alleviate these issues, allowing customers

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