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Evaluate your brand’s status and discover innovative ways to excel in your market.

High Client Satisfaction

89% of our clients express satisfaction with our detailed Amazon PPC audit and 2-hour consultation, finding it transformative for their business operations.

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Make Every Marketing Effort Count

We offer new strategies to identify profitable opportunities in Amazon’s changing landscape. Our team conducts an in-depth review of your Amazon business, offering a complete growth plan. Use our audit and niche analysis insights to improve your brand image, enhance customer experience, and increase sales.

Wide marketing strategies

Our detailed 40-page audit report reveals key insights and practical steps to run a successful FBA business on Amazon.

Optimize your investment

                                                                                                                               Understand the unseen costs of handing over Amazon ad control. Avoid unnecessary spending and invest in growth by recognizing that large sellers may spend up to $10,000 per month on repeated keywords. With us, discover the reality and fine-tune your Amazon strategy.

Utilize Keyword Analysis

We’ll scrutinize all the keywords in your niche, pinpointing those that could                                    help you gain a substantial market share.


Importance of Amazon PPC structure

We’ll inspect your campaign structure and highlight the areas needing your attention.

Look at the bigger picture

Amazon sellers often focus on product enhancement or believe they’ve                          reached their niche potential. However, many categories still have untapped                    growth segments. We’ll help you identify these hidden market segments and                          design strategies to reach them.

Amazon listing SEO analysis

Many niches still present growth opportunities, despite the general focus on product enhancement. We help in discovering these unnoticed market segments and devising plans to tap into them.

Obtain your Amazon PPC & Niche Audit

Unlock essential insights for running a thriving FBA business on Amazon with our comprehensive 40-page audit report.


We will thoroughly examine these crucial aspects of your brand

We use data to spur your sales growth, beginning with a thorough review of your key Amazon account metrics. From product pricing, customer satisfaction, rankings, brand analytics, keywords to competition, we scrutinize every detail. The outcome is a comprehensive evaluation of your account and practical suggestions for its improvement.

As an Amazon-focused marketing agency, we view this critical element as a main driver of success on the platform. Our method includes a comprehensive evaluation of your Amazon PPC and DSP campaigns, using both qualitative and quantitative data. We also examine your off-Amazon traffic strategy, brand identity, and website performance, identifying areas of overspending. With our Amazon ads audit, brands gain valuable insights into how advertising strategies, both on and off Amazon, affect conversions, sales, and brand awareness.

Using data analysis, we stay ahead of market shifts, offering our clients a competitive edge. Our expertise allows us to identify the most promising opportunities based on current market conditions and niche dynamics. In a comprehensive report, we evaluate our clients’ account status, outlining strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Armed with this knowledge, we create an effective strategy to propel them to the top.

Take Control of your Future

Our plan to boost your sales

Tailored Solutions for specific Needs; we offer customized roadmaps and team lineups


Account Review

We kick off with an in-depth analysis of your Amazon account, using its rich data and reporting functions. This detailed examination gives us a deep insight into your Amazon brand and offers an unbiased assessment.


Intense Analysis

In our comprehensive brand audit, our experienced analysts delve into your business, pinpointing its strengths, areas for improvement, and how customers view it. With this information, we identify lucrative opportunities for better results. Our analytic approach guides businesses towards a clear path to success.


Strategy Discussion

After our detailed Amazon PPC audit, we have an extensive discussion about the findings with our clients. Together, we decide the next steps and guide them through the initial stages, answering all questions and providing straightforward advice.


Continuous Support

Following the Amazon PPC audit, we continue to support brands as they put their tailored strategies into action. We offer our services at discounted rates to help them on their journey towards better results. Trusting in our advice, we work to increase the returns our clients get from their investments.

Client’s testimonials

We customize the roadmap and team line-up for each client
to best address their specific needs

AVP, VirVentures Inc
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"They understood their domain and were very transparent and communicative."
Owner, Hardware Supply Company<
Read More
We’re really satisfied with the results.
Director, Health Supplement Brand
Read More
We work closely together, and they take feedback very well
Owner, Bossman Brands
Read More
Profit Whales has fulfilled their commitments and overachieved on our targets.
Head of Marketplaces, TJC
Read More
"Profit Whales has fulfilled their commitments and overachieved on our targets."
CEO, Multiskills LLC
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“They really stay on top of everything, and they deliver results.”
Head of Marketing Department, Dog Products Company
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"The team fully copes with its work."
Director, Dietary Supplements Brand
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"They are fun to work with and they are my trustworthy PPC partners."
CEO, Physical Therapy Equipment Business
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"We're impressed with how they've been managing the project and their professionalism."
Communications Manager, DIVELUX
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We liked their detailed approach to our business; they took into consideration our peculiarities.
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"Everything was great."
CEO, Sporting Goods Company
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"Profit Whales uses their own AI software to grow your business."

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