Getting Dr. Krause Brand $119k in Total Sales

Company Background

Krause brand offers an ideal solution for individuals struggling with discomfort and pain during walking. Their products effectively alleviate these issues, allowing customers to regain confidence in their toenails’ appearance and the comfort of wearing their preferred footwear.

The Challenge

After stock for the nail corrector product ran out, there was a subsequent decrease in both sales and net profit.

The Solution

In response to the product stock depletion, Five Perks took a determined step by aggressively ensuring top positions in advertising. This strategic move quickly reinstated the product’s organic rankings and produced even superior results than before.

This synergy of favorable organic listing positions and effective advertising campaigns led to an increase in Total Sales and Net Profit.


Five Perks delivered remarkable results for the brand, realizing $119,832.88 in sales and a net profit of $23,059.92.

With considerable expertise in Amazon PPC, Five Perks has been successfully helping numerous brands transform visitors into customers over the years. As a comprehensive Amazon marketing agency, our key goal is to ensure brands efficiently utilize their budgets. We have a demonstrated history of assisting multiple brands in substantially increasing their sales and net profits. We are ready to extend our support to your brand too.

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