Unlock Your Amazon Brand's Growth:
We focus on understanding and using metrics accurately to drive growth.

Our direct Amazon selling experience is key. We know how to reach a wider audience and build a strong brand. Using proven marketing strategies, we help increase revenue, boost brand awareness and provide resources for long-term growth.

How we got here


Our founders launch their first product on Amazon


We release our own software solution


We are ranked among the TOP 100 most important companies in the e-commerce sector by Market Pulse


We will premiere our highly anticipated new analytics software

MARCH, 2018

We develop and launch our unique PPC structure

APRIL, 2020

We evolve our model to merge human decision-making and AI processing


We add external traffic and content creation to our services

Five Perks is your Amazon Marketing Partner

We help brands make the most of their marketing budget and strategy, increase conversion rates through content, and target the right audience. We use A/B testing to find new marketing channels, improve content, and support brand growth.

Efficient Traffic Conversion

We evaluate the real effect of your ad spending across different channels, finding the best cost per acquisition (CPA) for each product.

Embracing New Technologies

Our unique, tested Amazon PPC campaign structure gives you a competitive advantage. This is enhanced by advanced software for creating, fine-tuning, and analyzing ad campaigns.

Complete 'Done-for-You'
Ads Management

We support brands in various product categories, freeing up business owners to focus on growing their business without worrying about hiring and managing a marketing team.

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